How Much Does Specialized Legal Representation Cost In The Case Of Personal Injury?

If you, the injured party, are wondering whether you can even afford the help of a specialized lawyer to take action against a hospital, a doctor and a motor vehicle insurer, then you can answer this question with an unreserved yes. First of all, there are costs for a consultation if you only want to get an initial assessment. If such an assessment is manageable and we do not have to work through entire files, we also offer an initial assessment free of charge. Make use of the best personal injury attorney there. If you were injured, contact Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. at their website here: They provide a free consultation to all new clients.

The Essential Deals

Otherwise, the costs for a real initial consultation are negotiable for the client. They are also manageable. If an order is placed, these costs will be taken into account. Then there are costs for the extrajudicial representation. The higher the claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering, the higher the legal fees. In addition, personal injuries in legal processing are significantly more complex and complex than in normal cases. With the best lawyers, you can actually come up with the best choices and get rid of the claim issues.

  • This takes the fee schedule into account by allowing you to charge a higher fee in such cases. If you can reach an out-of-court agreement with the insurer, it will cover part of the legal fees, but not the full statutory fees. If legal protection insurance is available, it usually pays the remaining amount. If there is no legal protection insurance, it can make sense to secure the agency with a fee agreement.
  • There is the possibility in individual cases of success-oriented agreements, as far as this is permissible. It is also possible to increase the statutory fees, whereby the amount is deferred until money flows from the opposite side. In most cases, a customized solution can be found. No coming Out of court settlement, an action must be brought to court to secure the claims against the limitation. This poses cost risks if there is no legal protection insurance. We would show you the risks and calculate the individual costs for you. The amount of the costs depends on the amount of the claims made (amount in dispute).

Can A Change of Lawyer Be Worthwhile?

If you have only realized in the course of the mandate that personal injury law is a special subject that not many lawyers are adequately proficient in, it may make sense to consider switching to a specialist lawyer, even if a change of lawyer causes higher costs. (If the change of lawyer takes place on the occasion of the appointment procedure, then there are no additional costs because this is a new stage of the procedure). The use of the law firm comes perfectly there.

Specialized representation has decisive advantages. Under no circumstances will the insurer lead a specialized lawyer around or fool you. Make use of the best law firms there.

In addition to the compensation for pain and suffering (immaterial damages), a specialist can also calculate and claim material damages (housekeeping damage, loss of earnings and increased needs). Opt for the best options there.

  • A patient lawyer also knows no conflicts of interest, since he only represents patients and injured parties. Lawyers who already represent both sides. There are no longer many professional liability insurers for doctors in Germany. So if a lawyer represents insurers, the chance that he “knows” the insurer on the other side is very high. If he gets a lot of orders, he will not touch the doctor, but he will touch his insurer with kid gloves. That is the main problem of all-round representation. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Overall, it can be said that it is always worthwhile to conclude a fee agreement with a specialist. We have already taken out more than three times the amount that the non-specialized lawyer advised to accept when mandates were taken on. The best and the most educated lawyer can actually make you come up with the best deal.

How Can You Successfully Assert Claims For Damages?

The success depends on the one hand on the specialization, on the other hand also on the individual case and the possibilities to prove treatment error or health damage. The best attorneys are here for your support.

Our law firm always has an eye on the prospects of success. We do not lead to failing processes from the outset. If we do not see any chances of success, we will not accept the case. Unfortunately, this has already annoyed potential clients and has certainly harmed us (negative customer advertising). However, it is an integral part of our concept and our claim to the quality of legal representation. The best attorney offers the perfect solutions in this case. Opt for the best options there.


Legal representation in the case of personal injury is particularly promising if there is a medical report on which to build. Medical services provided by the health insurance companies or the arbitration board provide expert reports, but we have had the best experience with private reports. You have to pay for them yourself first, but they have advantages: They are available promptly, they are thorough and they also give a detailed opinion on the consequences of the injury. This is very important. For the amount of compensation for pain and suffering, it is important whether there are permanent impairments in life, whether the state of health improves or whether it deteriorates.





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